Candid street photography of people in fancy dress

Enjoying the hunt rather than the feast

About Street Photography

For a while now I’ve been contemplating what it is about street photography that attracts me to it. After all, it’s not something anyone is ever likely to make money from. Maybe a few print or self-published book sales. Even the teaching of street photography workshops is another way to monetize it. But no one is going to get rich or even make a living from it. So that rules out fortune.

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #7

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

So day 7 of my Snapshot Diaries means Saturday, which meant a trip to Sainsbury’s again. It was the longest queue so far, a visit that took me almost an hour and half in total.

However, truth be told, the queue gives me ample opportunity to snap away with the Ricoh GRIII, the beauty of which it’s so small and silent most people never seem to notice it.

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #6

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

Another day of social distancing, so another day out documenting the world as it is and as I see it, all with my discreet Ricoh GRIII camera. It’s certainly interesting exploring these lockdown measures with a camera, but more importantly on how they impact on the way I now view the world.

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #5

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

On day 5 of my Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries discarded disposable gloves were back in a big way. This is something I first mentioned on day 2 and referred to as covid litter. There did seem to be a lot more about today but that could be because I’m either noticing it more or I did get out 3 times.

In addition to two walks with Buddy, I also had to get to the local Tesco Express having overlooked a couple of items at Sainsbury’s yesterday. Again, with my discreet Ricoh GRIII at the ready, I was able to get some variety of shots to go with the Carshalton Park snaps.

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #4

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

In addition to taking Buddy for his one hour walk to, and around, Carshalton Park, day 4 of my Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries also saw me visit my local Sainsburys supermarket for some much needed supplies.

A queue of about thirty minutes outside gave me ample opportunity to get some extra snapshots with my Ricoh GRIII camera. Given the beautiful Spring weather it was actually quite pleasant queuing up…observing social distancing rules, of course!

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #3

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

An addition for day 3 was taking Buddy out for his early morning walk round the block. My partner, Kirsten, usually does this walk, but wasn’t feeling great – so I got the opportunity to get out with Buddy and my Ricoh GRIII camera a couple of times during the day.

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries – #1

Social Distancing Snapshot Diaries

So now I’ve virtually recovered from my own brush with suspected Covid-19, I am able to take my dog Buddy out each day, for our permitted 1 hour daily exercise. So I decided to also take my Ricoh GRIII along for the ride too, to document my experiences during these times.

These are the resulting rough, raw and social distancing responsible snapshots from Day 1. All taken in Wallington, London on Sunday 12 April, 2020. Images best viewed as large as possible. If viewing on smart phone or tablet, turn to horizontal/landscape position to view images larger.

Street photography of an old lady in a hat, in Benidorm, Spain.

Street Photography on the Costa Blanca

General, Street Photography Trip

For a number of years now, usually every March, I’ve been travelling to the Costa Blanca in Spain, primarily to shoot some street photography. Basing myself in the holiday Mecca of Benidorm, I also travel to other places, such as: Altea, Alicante and Calpe.

I usually end up shooting hundreds and hundreds of shots whilst there. Here are a small selection of 25 images from my time there this year. All were taken on a Ricoh GRIII 28mm compact camera, between 9th and 16th March 2020.

Images best viewed large. If viewing on phone or tablet, turn to horizontal to view bigger.

Street photography with a Ricoh GR3 iof girls dancing in Chinatown, London.

Ricoh GR3 for Street Photography

Gear, London Street Photography Locations

Last week I decided to get myself the Ricoh GR3 for street photography.  Whilst I have shot Ricoh GR’s since 2012, and have been a big Ricoh fan boy since, this is the first time I’ve consciously decided to move to the Ricoh as my primary street photography camera of choice.  I’ve even gone and sold off all my Olympus camera gear as a result.  So why?  What led to this?

The Ultimate Street Snap Shooter

The Forgotten Name of Colour Photography


Pioneers of Colour Photography

When you talk about colour photography as a serious “art form” the usual names will come up as pioneers in this field: William Eggleston, Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas, Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, Harry Gruyaert and Martin Parr.  All these have certainly been acknowledged as photographers who took colour photography out of the gaudy catalogs of yesteryear and into the major art galleries from the 1970’s onwards.